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Mother's Day Gift Box


Product Description

Give Mom our premium All-Natural and Organic gift box loaded with luxurious bath and body items. Each box contains: - 2 of Sudzly's Certified Organic, Vegan and sustainably sourced hand made soaps loaded with 5-6 essential oils, making our soaps luxurious and great for your skin! - 1 of NV Natural Deluxe Elemental Soaps in Vegan Oreo Cheesecake to wash with the essential oils of nature. - 3 Organic, Non-GMO, no cruelty, Vegan bath bombs overflowing with sea-salt and plant & essential oils. - 1 of our 10-ounce sugar scrubs full of natural oils and essential oils to gently exfoliate her skin. Help Mom get ready for summer! - 1 unforgettable lotion from AHS Body to moisturize your skin with healing essential oils, a special treat for Mom. - 1 Sisal and Ramie back scrubber pad allows full body exfoliation and improve circulation. - 1 Satin sleep mask to provide room-darkening for restorative sleep. - 1 Natural soap tray to ensure proper handling of your all-natural soap to ensure they last. - 1 Bracelet just for Mom! - 1 Happy Mother's Day Card Insert. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value if absolutely necessary.

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