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Luxury Christmas Cheer All-Natural Self-Care Box worth $120


Product Description

This is the Ultimate Luxury Self-Care Gift Box and a $120 Value! It is packed with twelve full-size items to immerse you in the ultimate in self-care every day. It starts with three all-natural soaps filled with essential oil, natural vegan butters, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and so much more. The first soap is Spiced Almond Cookies, a decadent soap to moisturize, renew, and soothe your skin with Sweet Almond Oil and essential oils of Orange, Cinnamon, and Vanilla. A bar of Starry Night soap full of kaolin clay to draw impurities from your skin naturally and with peppermint, clove, patchouli and other spice oils to energize and invigorate your mind and body. We add a luxury bar Champagne and Roses soap to relax you in the ultimate luxury with rice bran oil, rose essential oil and geranium essential oil. It will become your favorite soap in the shower as it simultaneously renews your skin and refreshes your soul. A Sugar Cookie Bath Bomb will let you escape into a world of relaxation and joy. The Vanilla and Sandalwood relax and elevate your mood naturally. A decadent Bath bomb called Under the Mistletoe takes you to the scents of the holidays while delivering natural and total relaxation. A fun Gingerbread bomb lets you dissolve and dissipate the stresses of the holidays. As the Giant 9-ounce Gingerbread bomb melts away, so will your stress in an aromatherapy bath of holiday aromas. A giant 10-ounce Hello Holidays Sugar Scrub lets you literally scrub away your stress, anxiety and renews your skin to a beautiful natural glow. A beautiful personal Aromatherapy necklace is included in a gift box so you can use the full size included Sweet Orange essential oil every day. Just add a drop into the necklace pad, and the Sweet Orange will induce relaxation, increase immunity and boost your spirits (as found in a 1995 study). Our Sisal and Ramie pad allows full body exfoliation and improves your circulation. A satin sleep mask provides room-darkening for restorative sleep. We include a natural soap tray for proper handling of your all-natural soaps to ensure they last. This is a $120 value for only $65 (with coupon code GIFT) while supplies last! Shipping is Free to Continental US only.

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